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We know that well-built workplaces by themselves do not deliver the experience we want people to have – that’s why we manage our buildings ourselves.  (We also manage buildings owned by other people!)

Our staff apply a standard of care and ownership to building maintenance that helps our clients be productive and proud of their workspace. Indeed, four out of five maintenance work orders we do originate with our staff rather than from our tenants. When we do hear of a problem from our tenants, we act to address the issue promptly and correctly. Meeting service targets for response time and satisfaction are important to delivering excellence.

In confidential surveys administered by an independent research provider, Commercial Properties has consistently received high marks from our tenants. More than 93% of respondents have rated our service as Excellent or Good overall for three years running.

An important part of our connection to our clients is being responsive.  We make it easy for tenants to reach us, through a self-serve web portal to log and monitor progress of work requests, and through our 7/24 phone number 1-877-536-6600 to reach us anytime.  Our goal is to respond to all request within 4 hours and to complete requests within 12 business hours.

In our buildings or yours, we believe that our approach to well managed properties is distinctive.


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