As part of our management practice, we maintain ongoing certification of our major buildings under the BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings program (Building Owners and Managers Association Canada).

We currently have two BOMA BEST Gold level buildings certified, Commerce Place in Moncton NB and Somerset Square in Saint John NB.

Somerset Square was built by us in 2009 to LEED Gold standards, the first commercial building in Atlantic Canada to receive that designation.  Additionally, we have certified five other buildings at the Silver level in BOMA BEST, and one building at the Bronze level.

By employing a “Think Green” philosophy in how we run our buildings, we have been able to pass on savings in energy and water usage to our tenants through lower operating costs. Our tenants are pleased that we facilitate workplace recycling and composting, including a battery recycling program to divert these materials from landfill. (We encourage our tenants to bring in batteries from home too!).

Our newest initiative has been to embrace the coming revolution in automotive technology. Anticipating tenant needs, we have recently installed EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations at two of our properties, with more to follow in the near future.

Here are our commitments to the environment and sustainability:

Commercial Properties Limited is committed to a safe and sustainable work place for our employees and tenants in BOMA BEST certified buildings by making our best commercial efforts to fulfill the following commitments:

Energy and Water
To maintain efficient operation of buildings through preventative maintenance programs and reducing energy usage, GHG emissions and water waste by identifying efficiency opportunities, monitoring consumption and setting reduction targets.

To reduce the amount of waste contributed to landfills by providing and encouraging the use of recycling facilities in our buildings and by requiring the reuse and recycling of building materials during construction and renovation projects as much as possible.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
To annually measure air quality parameters including Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Particulate Matter, and total Volatile Organic Compounds.

To provide a channel for IAQ complaints and ensure that concerns are promptly and fully dealt with.

Health and Wellness
To promote a healthy and safe environment for tenants and employees through the work place safety standards set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as regular review of the Commercial Properties Emergency Response Plan.

To select products that have a third party environmental certification whenever possible when purchasing head-office and maintenance supplies, and construction materials for tenant fit-ups and renovations.

To require custodial contractors to adhere to a cleaning schedule and use cleaning products certified by a third party environmental certification. Quality assurance audits are conducted and documented on a regular basis.

To plant the outdoor space in native and draught tolerant species whenever possible, prohibiting the use of herbicide and minimizing the use of pesticide.

Stakeholder Engagement
To ensure employees are educated regarding our environmental policies and practices through meetings and training. We will ensure tenants are kept aware of environmental practices and policies through our tenant orientation, website, tenant portal, and email notifications.

Somerset Square the first commercial building in Atlantic Canada to receive LEED Gold Certification.