Earth Week Electronics Pick-up

To promote Earth Week, Commercial Properties picked up 6 truck loads of old electronics from tenants for recycling. The estimated weight of the 6 truck loads was 4800 lbs!

Recycling these products keeps the plastics that make up these products out of the landfills as well as the electronics circuit boards which contain rare-earth metals and are treated with often-toxic chemicals.

When electronics are recycled responsibly in Canada, instead of shipped overseas, the environmental impact is further reduced.

This service is available thanks to the Electronics Recycling Program which was recently introduced province-wide.

Electronics recycling has become available to residents and businesses to recycle unused and broken electronics such as computers, phones, TVs, audio visual equipment, etc.

For a full list of items that can be recycled and the drop-off locations nearest you, please visit the Recycle NB website.


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