Playing Their Part: CPL Tenants embrace new recycling practice

Over the past few weeks Commercial Properties has been in the process of introducing new sorting stations to tenants in Saint John. The initial roll out focused on tenants in Somerset Square, Brunswick House, the Mercantile Building and the Red Rose Building.

The new stations are part of our “Think Green” philosophy to reduce waste and improve waste diversion, as well as keeping in line with one of our key values: sustainability. Our goal is to reduce the amount of waste contributed to landfills by providing and encouraging the use of recycling facilities in our buildings.

This project entailed several moving parts. We began by conducting waste audits at the above properties to give an analysis of the building’s waste composition and identify potential problems or opportunities. The results of the audits combined with meetings and feedback from tenants determined we needed to make adjustments to our procedures. This meant implementing new, larger compost bins in kitchen areas while placing smaller recycling and waste stations in centralized areas in the various office spaces. We also removed excessive individual waste bins to encourage the use of the sorting stations

As always, we appreciate the support and participation of our many dedicated tenants who continue to help us be a leader in sustainable building management!



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