Red Rose TLC

The Red Rose Building was built in 1903 as a tea packaging facility, and has been a landmark gateway to Saint John’s uptown for more than a century. It is now re-purposed as an office building, home to financial and business professionals.

As an historic property, the Red Rose Building requires a lot of love and care. In recent years, Commercial Properties, working with the architect G.F. Dufus and FCC Construction, has been investing significantly in restoring the buildings masonry to its original grandeur as well as other upgrades to this heritage treasure.

Beginning in 2015, we began repointing and resealing the bricks on the south wall. This year we completed the north wall and next year we will start on the east wall. We’ve also repaired windows and restored sandstone elements and wooden cornices.

Soon we will be replacing the north entrance door to restore the historical character of the building’s entrance.

Our investments to maintain the Red Rose Building is also part of Commercial Properties ongoing environmental commitment. In 2015 the building received a bronze certification in the BOMA BEST program for environmental excellence.


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