Reimagining Wellington Row

Commercial Properties Limited has recently completed a major redevelopment of the property at 10 Wellington Row, going from parking lot to prime location in under 8 months. Working in partnership with NB Liquor, Murdock & Boyd Architects, and FCC Engineering, the project team was able to deliver a building that blended in beautiful with the historic streetscape while meeting the unique needs of the tenant.


“Having a brick structure that fit in with the historic views, values, and history of the city was an important aspect of this project” adds Paul Moore, president of Commercial Properties Limited. Paul worked closely with the team at NB Liquor, Malcom Boyd, of Murdock & Boyd Architects, and FCC Engineering to ensure the project was completed true to this goal.

“A unique challenge to the development of this project was getting transport trucks in and out” according to the lead architect, Malcom Boyd. This requirement made the site at 10 Wellington row an ideal location for this project.

Matching the architectural style of the location also presented unique challenges at this site. “Initially, we were unable to match the style of brick to the surrounding buildings with any of the commercially available options”, adds Boyd. “Thankfully, the brick supplier agreed to do a custom run of brick to match the streetscape for us that ensured the project fit into this prominent location”.

The redevelopment of this prominent property will contribute to the rejuvenation of the uptown core for years to come.



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