BOMA BEST® Certificate Presentations

Since 2010, Commercial Properties Limited (CPL) has been participating in BOMA BEST®, a voluntary environmental certification program which recognizes existing buildings for energy efficient management practices. As part of this program, CPL recently recertified five BOMA BEST® buildings in Saint John, demonstrating the continued superior performance of these buildings in key areas such as energy, water, air, and waste. To celebrate CPL’s BOMA BEST® recertifications, five short certificate presentations were held at each building.

Below are photos of Somerset Square being presented the Gold Level BOMA BEST® certification, 180 Crown Street, Mercantile Centre and Brunswick House receiving Silver Level certification, and Red Rose Building receiving Bronze Level.

We are proud to own buildings that meet BOMA’s (Building Owners and Managers Association) energy and environmental best practices, and thank the tenants and BOMA board members who came out last week to help us celebrate our achievement.

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