Current Office Space Trends

The space in which a business operates can speak to that company’s culture and values. In recent years, more and more offices are moving away from traditional cubicle layouts and instead choosing open concept spaces. This shift It isn’t just about private vs. collaborative spaces, but about giving employees options and variety in their workspace. 

Many offices are changing their designs to allow for multiple ways of working. They have sections where employees can stand up and work, desks where they can sit down, collaborative areas for socializing and learning as a team, and tucked away nooks for quite time and focus.  

According to an article recently published in Forbes, a quality office layout leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere. This undoubtedly has an overall impact on employee retention. In fact, a staggering 93% of workers in the tech industry said they would stay longer at a company who offered them a healthy office environment with perks like sit-stand desks or ergonomic seating.  

Office décor is also shown to have an impact. One study from Human Spaces says natural elements, such as plants or natural light, are shown to boost productivity by 8% and wellbeing by 13%. Additionally, visual reminders of why employees come to work helps them feel inspired. Brands are supporting company culture by weaving it the company’s DNA throughout the office in art, furniture or décor.  

As a landlord, we are considering how these shifts will affect the spaces we are leasing out, and understand that they are not applicable across all industries. For example, the confidential nature of the work in the finance sector means that private offices are still an essential element of day-to-day business. It’s important to understand different clients and what they each need from a work environment.  


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