The 2019 Salmon Run in Saint John

To celebrate the International Year of the Salmon, the 2019 Salmon Run has added 11 new salmon sculptures. Artists from all over New Brunswick have banded together to create the installations that are currently being displayed in prominent locations throughout Saint John. With 21 six-foot-tall sculptures placed around the city, this public art initiative contributes to the ever-growing art scene in Saint John.

With their bright, vibrant colours and massive size, the 2019 Salmon Run installations aim to celebrate local artists while attracting locals and visitors alike to explore the city in a new way. When it is time for the salmons to be taken down, they will be auctioned off with the proceeds being split between the InterAction School for Performing Arts and the artists.

The photos below are just a few of the many stunning sculptures featured in the 2019 Salmon Run, mounted outside CenterBeam Place, Brunswick House and our offices at 58 King Street. To see the rest of the beautiful art installations, hit the streets or visit Uptown Saint John’s website for a map of all the salmon locations.

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