14 King: A look back at CenterBeam Place

We’re excited to share a throwback this Thursday! CenterBeam Place is a physical representation of one of our key values: heritage preservation. CenterBeam Place is comprised of over a dozen distinct Victorian era buildings unified by an atrium and outdoor courtyard in the heart of the Uptown and Trinity Royal Heritage Area. This project was no small feat when it began in 2003. The challenge of CenterBeam is best described by the project’s architect, the late Tom Johnson. “Think of the block as a gigantic three-dimensional puzzle with over 50 long and thin floor plates, where almost no two are at exactly the same elevation and the object is to create linkages.”

Completed in three phases and opened in 2008, CenterBeam continues to play host to a diverse group of tenants that include unique restaurants, art galleries and local businesses. The photos below show the transformation of the block throughout its close to 140 year history, and the development of what we now know as CenterBeam Place.

We are proud to have this amalgam of style, history and sustainability in our portfolio of properties.

If you want to learn more about CenterBeam Place and our other buildings, visit cplre.ca or read Taking it to the Street — Heritage Rehab Brings New Life to Downtown Saint John, which takes you inside the efforts behind one of our most ambitious projects.

Photo Dates, left to right top to bottom:  1880, 2017, 2001 and 2017

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